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Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Canada

Are you planning to travel to Canada and you are wondering where to stay? If that is the case, worry not as there are many options for the immigrants when it comes to securing a place to sleep. Many foreigners visit Canada for various reasons all year round.

We have those who visit Canada as tourists whereas some come as expats. Tourists can enjoy skiing down the mountain and enjoy sunbathing during summer. This read highlights some of the accommodation options for immigrants in Canada.

Accommodation Options

When it comes to accommodation for immigrants in Canada, there are two options: the short-term lodging and the long-term accommodation. If you are visiting Canada for a short period, you may put up in a hotel or hostel.

For long-term accommodation, you can hire a furnished house. The cost of such a home is however high, and you should be able to meet the price.


90 percent of visitors who visit Canada initially put up in the hotels. The 10 percent are individuals with friends or family or friends in Canada who are usually accommodated by their sponsors. We have different types of tourist hotels whereby the visitors can be accommodated.

Nearly all of these hotels have restaurants with have cuisines from various parts of the world. You can grab something to eat at these hotels at any time of the day provided you place your order and pay for the service.


hostels accomodationThe hostels are not as fancy as the hotels. They are usually meant for the students. You can, however; make significant savings by staying in a hostel once you arrive. Different hostels in Canada have various facilities and therefore different pricing. One of the qualities to look out for in a great hostel is that it should be secure and clean.

You may be required to make a selection on the type of hostel to live in. Some hostels are of a specific gender whereas some are mixed. If you want a private room, you may be required to pay a higher cost for the same. Some of the hostels usually provide breakfast and supper which is traditionally included in the accommodation fee.

Apartment Rentals

Apartment rentals are ideal for immigrants who plan to say in Canada for a longer duration. If you are coming to Canada to stay for at least three months, then it may be prudent to rent an apartment.

We have several furnished apartments that such types of immigrants can put up while they are in Canada. If you are traveling with some colleagues, you can share the apartment so that you save cash that you can then use for various activities in the country.

Resort Accommodation

When you get a job in Canada in the hospitality industry, you may not need to worry about the accommodation. For example, if you get a job in a mountain lodge or hotel, your employer might provide a shared room whereby you may be required to share various facilities with your roommates. This is the most cost-effective form of accommodation for immigrants in Canada.…

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